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Company data

Contact Information

Do not hesitate to rearch us if you have any questions.
Tel: +31 (0)70 221 0815
Email: [email protected]

Multiple Platform

Multiple Payments

In addition to supporting Alipay and WeChat Pay, iMenu also integrates European local payments such as PayPal, iDeal, Sofort and Bancontact.

WeChat Mini Program

Launch WeChat mini-program within 1 hour. Varieties of templates can be selected to support more than 10 transaction scenarios such as self-pickup, delivery, and package express.

Alipay Mini Program

Launch Alipay mini-program, with Alipay marketing operation support and official traffic entrance on Alipay App.

H5 Page

The H5 mobile version supports English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, French and other European mainstream languages, perfectly readable for all people.


Launch New E-commerce for Free

Multi-language, multi-template, multi-scenario, perfectly meet the needs of all businesses


Main Features

Base on 20 years Internet development, and 10 years new media operations.


iMenu supports Chinese, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian and other European languages.


By configuring express delivery rules according to global postcodes, merchants have more flexible operations and optimized user experience.

Easy Management

Enjoy the convenience of mobile Internet via processing ordering, payments and reports summary on your mobile device.

Quick Launch

No matter which industry you are in, you can quickly launch the online store in 5 minutes, including WeChat mini-program, Alipay mini-program and H5 mobile website.

Multiple Templates

From the food quick ordering to adding the stores to the favourite, we polish every scenario and every page for different merchant and different business.

Safety and Stability

Cloud acceleration and Cloud computing are adopted to optimize the user experience, offering a smooth shopping experience wherever you are.

Customer Service

24/7 one-to-one customer service.

Refined Marketing

Full range of special offers including groupon and discounts, and diverse marketing campaigns for all business scenarios.

Technical Expertise

The Official payment Partner of WeChat Pay

As the official partner of WeChat Pay in Europe, we know Europe and we are familiar with the entire WeChat ecosystem as well.

The Official payment Partner of Alipay

Every merchant has an independent merchant profile page on the Alipay App, connecting Alipay's 1 billion users.

Our Awards

The winner of the transportation project of WeChat Developer Challenge in Berlin.

Professional Team

Offices are located in both The Hague (The Netherlands) and Guangzhou (China), providing 24/7 non-stop professional service for global clients.